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Model A-7 standard


For flatirons, waffle irons, griddles, deep fryers, broilers, warmers and a full range of appliances.



Model A-7 compensating


For use where overshoot is a problem.


Model A-710

with sensing plate


For corn poppers, percolators and dish warmers.



Model A-710

stud mount


For glue guns, personal care products and similar appliances.



Model MIH


For portable table stoves, fondues and buffet ranges.


Model M


For flatirons, ironers, waffle irons, grills, griddles, casseroles, fryers and roasters.


Model A-710

push on termination


For hair dryers, coffee makers, food warmers and other appliances.

The bi-metal blade in the Model A-7 can never be subjected to extreme mechanical stresses. It is designed for positive performance and features fine silver contacts welded to stainless steel or Permanickel springs, single screw mounting and anti-rotation features. It is available with a wide range of terminal arrangements, shaft adaptability and range requirements.


A compact thermostat designed specifically for use in irons and other applications where overshoot is a problem. The patented bi-metal blade can never be subjected to extreme mechanical stresses. It helps to prevent overshoot and provides more accurate temperature control.

Model A-7 compensating.jpg

Designed specifically for corn popper applications, this bi-metal thermostat features a patented sensing plate, fine silver contacts welded to stainless steel springs and pre-wired terminal leads. It permits repeatability and stability.

Model A-710 with sensing plate.jpg

This bi-metal thermostat is pre-set for use on non-adjustable coffee makers and for low cost applications as a thermal overheat control or safety cutoff. It offers the same features as standard A-7 models.

Model A-710 stud mount.jpg

Model MIH is an infinite heat switch providing a wide range of control selection. It is compact and can be easily panel mounted or stack mounted with standard fasteners. It includes an anti-rotational feature and all of the patented quality features of the standard models.

Model MIH.jpg

Model M thermostats are miniaturized versions of the standard A-7 model. They feature similar design and construction characteristics, including fine silver contacts welded to steel or Permanickel springs. The bi-metal strip is never subjected to excessive mechanical stress.

An exceptionally compact fixed-setting bi-metal thermostat designed to provide precision control at low cost. Fine silver contacts are welded to stainless steel springs. The bi-metal strip is not subjected to extreme mechanical stress.

Model A-710 push on termination.jpg
A7 SPEC.jpg
A7 DWG 3.jpg
A7 DWG 2.jpg
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