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UL certified temperature regulating thermostats. These devices are single pole, single break thermostats intended for use in heating appliances such as electric skillets, electric ranges, deep well cookers and other similar applications where the acceptability of the combination has been determined by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.  Models with F suffix designed fixed temperature settings. 

Function: (Adjustable shaft or w/o shaft) unit is a slow make, slow break (creep action) type thermostat. The contacts open on rise when heat source is transferred from the bottom plate of the control to the set point. Common applications are carpet & steam irons, injection machine barrel heaters, lamination equipment, or to control surface temperature within operating ranges for assorted OEM applications. 

Mounting slot design mounting bracket for universal fit in customer application. Wing mount available on individual OEM order basis. 

Order part No.: the three digits of the U-15-XXX denote temperature operation range from 140 F to 570 F and can be chosen for every 10 F interval.

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Rating: 1650W MAX

Maximum Temp.: 300 C

Temp. Tolerance +/-5

Operation Range: 140 - 570 F

Endurance: 100,000 Cycle 

High Pot Test: 1500 VAC/SEC

           Test Class: II

Approval:   UL, CUL (E100214)

Phone: +1-847-985-8383

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